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Q: Which variety do I need?

A: It depends on several facts. Where you live, what types of soil you are using,

Q: Do I need more than one (1) variety?

A: Some Blueberry plants are self pollinating, but for the best results we recommend that you plant three varieties that bloom at the same time. Powder Blue is an excellent pollinator.

Q: Will a Highbush pollinate a Rabbiteye or Vice Versa?

A: Highbush varieties bloom earlier than Rabbit eye, so.Rabbit eye blueberries can only be pollinated by rabbit eye blueberries, and it is highly recommended that you have THREE varieties that all bloom at the same time for good pollination, or they tend to have poor fruit set. Highbush blueberries apparently need to be pollinated by highbush blueberries, also varieties that bloom at the same time.

 Q: Do I need to remove all the buds and blooms from my new, one year old plants before I plant them?

A: Yes. We recommend that when you plant a new, young plant, remove all growth accept for the leaves. This will allow the plants roots to grow for the next years crop. Also, crop (cut) the top of the plant back and prune any branches before planting.

Q: Do I need to prepare my soil before I plant?

A: Yes. Understand that a Blueberry plant needs a lower pH (between 4.5 and 5.5). We recommend preparing your soil 3 to 6 months before planting. First, choose a location that has good water run off. Disc or rotto tiller each plant location. Apply sulphur, 1/2 cup per plant (for pH) pine mulch, 1 gallon (organic matter) and 14-28-14 fertilizer, 1/2 cup (10-10-10) will work if you can not find 14-28-14. Mix the soil up, form a mound about 1 foot high and 24 inches round and let sit until you are ready to plant.

Q: How far a part do I place my plants?

A: 3 to 4 feet is a good space, (we plant between 36 and 40 inches apart on 24 inch wide rows) however, you can plant them as close or far apart as you want. Just remember, each plant will remove nutrients from the soil, which means if they are to close, they will take food from each other, their roots will intertwine and the branches will crossover. Also, it is very difficult to prune and pick plants to close together. 4 feet is the best, but 5 feet or even 8 feet would be ok.

Q: When do I prune my plants?

A: It is best to prune and crop (cut the tops off) while the plants are dormant. Do not prune during harsh, cold, freezing weather. The moisture can get into the cuts and split you branches.

Q: Will cold weather or ice hurt my plants?

A:YES!! The plant will survive very cold weather. New growth, buds and blooms will freeze. If your plants are blooming and there may be a frost, cover your plants with newspaper or a thin sheet. remove after the temperature rises above freezing. If you are going to have a deep freeze, you can spray water on the plants, but you must maintain water spray constantly during the freeze. If the temperature drops very low (low 20's) even the water will not help, in fact migh make it worse.

Q: Where can I find video's on Blueberries?

A: We have made several video's to help growers. Go to YouTube and search for NCFRUITGROWER or from our web site WWW.HAPPYACRESFARM.NET you can watch educational videos.